Thursday, October 01, 2009

BBC Question Time

Tonight's QT showed why politicians in the UK need exterminating. Two examples:

Ben Bradshaw MP (Culture Secretary), when asked about the recent kidnapping of film director Roman Polanski, by the Swiss on behalf of the USA, couldn't even comment claiming: "I don't know, I was only a kid in 1978", or words to that effect. Twat!

Theresa May, Tory Shadow Bitch (or similar) when asked about teen pregnancies said: "We will introduce legislation to curb this", or words to that effect.

So who will you sterilise Theresa, the lads or the girls? No, you came out with that shite because you thought it sounded good at the time.

But, as ever with British politicians, she was talking complete and utter crap.

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Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

If the Tories get elected I am going to set up a company making chastity belts, no doubt Tory policy will create a boom in trade!