Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nick Griffin and Question Time-The Last Word

It's all getting very tedious now, almost as tedious as the aftermath of that Paris car crash, or was it murder?

There seems to be a puke inducing holier-than-thou, self-righteousness fest as the politically correct try to outdo each other in their disgust at Griffin's appearance on Question Time.

All sense of proportion has been lost. Shirley Williams, David Owen and Bill Rodgers couldn't 'break the mould' so I would bet my life that the BNP are not about to take over from New Labour, next year or ever.

The only thing the politically correct misfits are doing is making themselves look very, very silly and dangerously obsessive. I have decided never to mention him, or his appearance on this blog again, please kick me if I do.

The Sunday Times today has the most balanced coverage, I can recommend it then suggest you move on. I particularly liked this AA Gill article.


ex-UKIP member said...

Those against the BNP seem even more hateful than Nick Griffin. Their reaction has been most unpleasant.

Gregg's Blog said...

Exactly. They seem to be completely fuelled by hate and have to keep stoking it up by obsessing about the BNP.

They remind me of a woman I knew years ago who had a store of old newspapers from the last war. If ever she felt less than hate for the Germans she got them out to read and refuel her hatred and venom.

The militant antis are just as dangerous to our democracy as the BNP.

Greg L-W. said...


I can not but agree - but had it occurred their hatred may be as they lack confidence in their own values and see something of their own prejudice in the odious BNP.

I must warn you - You make the comment:
"Nick Griffin and Question Time-The Last Word"

I fear not - this is the holocaust he denied:

I fear not - these are the cuddly Ku Klux Klan Griffin's friends:

I fear not, as I can see this broadcast being on Meeeeja Studies Polytech Courses for ever more & like as not it will vie with The Gilbert Harding Interview as an exemplar of attrocious and incompetent TV for many years.

Know your enemy and destroy them with light and the oxygen of publicity.

Do not act like these vile people note that it was Bonnie Greer who most clearly destroyed Griffin with her hand of succour and her voice of reason which utterly evicerated Griffin.

Griffin is a practiced man of hate practiced as such as are Searchlight, UAF, ANL and their ilk - all are subject to destruction by quiet reason and patronising exposure they can not deal with.

The baying claque of the BBC merely gives fuel to the fire.

My Grandfather stood at The Somme, my Father relieved Belsen and I dealt with the violence and bodies in Africa - Silence The BNP and their fellow travellers with reason so that your children are not the next generation who remember the horrors of the bodies.

SORRY a bit serious but I can not see TheBNP, KKK, Searchlight, ANL, UAF, The EU, AWB as anything but different sides of an identical coin.

Greg L-W.