Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dwarf Throwing and Midget Racing

A few years ago there was a terrible furore about the sport of dwarf throwing, and it was banned. I couldn't understand why.

More recently there has been a fuss over midget racing in Australia, where dwarf throwing originated. I fear that midget racing will also be banned. Below is a short film of the recent midget racing event at an Australian racetrack.

What I really don't understand is why, if the little fellas don't mind, and the trophy winner in the film was obviously ecstatic, so many people have a problem with these pastimes?


Greg L-W. said...


does this also mean the Disabled Olympics should be banned?

Is it Politically Correct to set the disabled against each other to see who is the most inadequate for their class of deformity!!

Should the Victorian style freak shows that are body 'building' be banned just as increasingly are beauty contests!

If someone really sees themselves as a lavatory wall should they have a right to cover themselves in graffitti such that Baroness Gardiner informed us that upwards of £300 Million is spent on scrubbing them up with 'tattoo removal'.

In reality midget races are far less of a freak show than some of the ice racing where the freaks are so over developed upon one side they can only skate in circles one way!

Or the pre-pubescent 20 year olds with their retinue of pederasts in the gymnastics.

I for one find the entire concept of the olympics of today obscene - how many children could be saved from starvation with the money squandered on the tedium of so called sport.

Greg L-W.

Gregg's Blog said...

The animal rights wallahs object to horse racing because it exploits 'dumb animals'. Perhaps the midgets are actually exploiting the strapping 6 footers they are piggy backing.

Just a thought.