Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bill Etherington-Nobhead of the Year

Bill Etherington is MP for Sunderland North. Bill thinks it's fine to claim for an electric shaver on your expenses, in other words from our taxes.

Bill thinks it's OK because it was allowed. Well Bill, I'm legally allowed to go shagging other women, but that wouldn't be nice to my wife, so I don't. Just because you can doesn't mean you have to. It's called morality.

What kind of a twat even enquires about putting an electric shaver on his employer's expenses bill in the first place? A greedy twat, that's who.

And on the radio this week he had the barefaced cheek to claim that those of us who criticise him are jealous.

Have you ever been jealous of a thieving, snivelling socialist parasite? Thought not.

Etherington is not seeking re-election, otherwise he wouldn't be quite so barefaced. I bet he didn't show the voters that side of him in the last few elections. He epitomises what the expense scandal is all about. An electric shaver is a relatively small thing, but what about his behaviour on the really big issues, how honest was he then?

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kathryn said...

Hi Gregg,

I live in the pond life of Sunderland and agree with you totally. I have Issues myself with Sunderland council and their heavy handed treatment towards vulnerable
people who, for no fault of their own struggle to pay excessive council tax bills. For what? to line the pockets of crooks?
I've just read an article where the RT.Hon. gentleman is taking a stand against paying back his ill gotten gains. LOL, Maybe I should do the same, Yet no doubt i'm a different kettle of fish, why don't they bankrupt him if he refuses to pay it back?
Interestingly, MP Austin Mitchell's wife has suggested that we should "Put MPs into stocks and throw rocks at them." I COULDN'T AGREE MORE.(BBC HOMEPAGE) Morever, Bill Etherigton claimed for rats in his property, shame they didn't exterminate the biggest rat of all AND Sunderland council at the same time. Lets see them on question time......... I for one wouldn't give them the steam from my shite.