Friday, October 23, 2009

Nick Griffin on Question Time

So what was the point of Nick Griffin being invited on to QT? Was it to prove that human beings, certainly those in the studio audience and on the panel, still enjoy a good old fashioned freak show? All they had to do was bring Griffin into the studio on a lead and shout "roll up, roll up" and we would have been straight back to the Victorian days of prodding the freak.

The BBC have now pissed off those loveable 'red-fascists' for inviting him on, and proceeded to piss the rest of the country off by allowing bullying and the dropping of all pretence of intellectual rigour. It was pretty sickening to watch in some ways.They had the chance to politically rip the BNP apart, but chose to use the tactics of the school playgound. What a sad state our democracy is in when you see Chris Huhne and Baroness Warsi unable to defeat Griffin by reasoned political argument, not the sharpest knives in the draw, I hope.

It's also been interesting seeing how the opponents of the BNP appear to be even worse in their views on free speech and democracy than the 'fascists'. These are the people who attack 'white imperialists' and use 'indigenous' people in North America and the Antipodes to attack us but then attack Griffin for referring to the 'indigenous' British population, a point made by Griffin. I don't agree with either position, they are virtually the same, but Griffin is condemned, the 'liberals' are not. Personally I look forward to a libertarian future where there are no immigration controls, but suspect that is some way away.

Again the so-called 'liberals' constantly whine about slavery and blame the likes of you and me, to the extent that ludicrous apologies are demanded from us today. But when Griffin pointed out that Jack Straw's father hid under the stairs in 1939, whereas Griffin's father fought the Germans, he was condemned for visiting the sins of the father on the son. Another example of crass hypocrisy.

I'm not going to be forced onto the bandwagon of stating that I dislike the BNP, you only have to read this blog to know my position, but I see no difference between the red-fascists of Unite Against Fascism, and the likes of Peter Hain, and the BNP.

The loser last night was the BBC. Question Time has been shown, yet again, to be a vacuous sham, fit only for the smug pseudo-intellectuals of Islington having little relevance outside the politically correct chattering classes. There was a great chance to rip Griffin apart, but they just called him names. If you still have any illusions about the impartiality of QT please watch the clip below.

Just to put some perspective, and to inject a note of realism into the hype of the last few days, the BNP got 6% in the EU elections and gained 2 seats under a system of proportional representation. They would just about save their deposits with 6% in a parliamentary election under our first past the post system. Food for thought there for the Liberal Democrats and others.

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MikeP said...

Not sure I agree totally.

Everyone knew what this weeks QT was going to be like. And if Nick Griffin hadn't worked it out then maybe he's not quite as shrewd as his followers would have us believe.

He must have known that his views on race, the Holocaust and links with the KK were going to be brought up and questioned under scrutiny.

This was his opportunity to fine-tune his answers and attempt to appear respectable and believeable.

He failed spectacularly. He fluffed his way around the Holocaust, wittered on about 'ice-age Britons' and laughably claimed the branch of the KKK he was associating with was 'non-violent'....a sort of KKK-lite.

That being said, he wasn't the worst panellist. That honour must surely go to Jack Straw, who was made to look a fool by Griffin, particularly when comparing their father's efforts in WW2.

If this programme has any sway on voters, the BNP will remain static, Labour will lose more votes and the Tories and Lib Dems will gain as Chris Huhne and Baroness Warsi were pretty good.

Plus the Baroness is pretty tidy... ;-)

Gregg's Blog said...

I accept Griffin was rattled and wasn't convincing about KKK and holocaust denial, but the whole tone of the show was unnecessary, it wasn't debate but bullying.

And that audience was certainly not a 'cross-section' of society, even for West London.

I just felt that the panellists, and audience, cocked it up by bullying and judging by the phone-ins this morning, masses of the public feel the same way, which is unusual for BBC phone-ins.

I fear that the BNP will be the beneficaries, but not to the extent of winning seats, which I feared they would last night.

I do agree about the Baroness though!!!

Greg L-W. said...


I have no doubt who were the winners and losers and here they are in order starting with the greatest losers:
01. 'e pluribus unum'
02. Pieter Hayne
03. Dimbleby
04. Jack Straw
05. The BBC
06. The claque
07. Chris Huhne
08. Said Warsi
09. Bonnie Greer
10. The BNP

01. Clearly we are the losers - we now have as an example of attrocious TV on a parr with The Gilbert Harding interview.

02. Peter Hain's strident fascist self promoting determination to rehabilitate himself at the expense of The BBC showed him for what he is - a vile man without integrity, morality or common sense - so very Terre Blanche!

03. Even down to the gutter level of taunting Griffin for his nervous laughter. An obscene and crass performance on ALL levels.

04. Came across as a doddering eldely inadequate caught shop lifting - this is the man who abused his roll as Home Secretary to protect his brother from prosecution for the sexual abuse of his own son and assault of his daughter!

05. The BBC spent days trying to talk up the controversy to create a fairly half baked demonstration yet they selected an audience clearly designed to act like a pack of playground bullies - a disgustingly orchestrated and utterly demeaning exhibition.

06. Soooo predictable - you can ALWAYS line up a pack to behave badly - just look at football hooligans! How sad. These are the very basest instincts that are pandered to by any lynch mob EVEN The KKK!

07. My word - to think he was so nearly leader of the LibDims. A sound but uninspiring collation of platitudes.

08. A good choice by the Tories - a good performance but clearly unaware that her look when not speaking matters. Her political eviceration of Jack Straw was excellent I was sorry to see her run away from trying to defend Islam from Griffin's undeniable facts. She WAS good relative to ALL others. She WILL be excellent in her time!

09. Bonnie Greer was a safe pair of hands - didn't put a foot wrong added humour and was without doubt THE most damaging to Griffin in the way that whilst all others were a baying mob she held out a hand of reason to Griffin and destroyed him with her academic and forensic discourse and patronising educational manner to the naughty boy in the playground.

10. The BNP were the winners as they will get the sympathy vote as a result of this shameful display, which showed Griffin to be the shifty, intellectually challenged, untrustworthy & a great friend of his chum the one who attended the lynching as a KKK leader but didn't tie the knot!!!

I deeply regret that the crass management & shamefull handling by the BBC the utter inadequacy of Jack Straw, though I commend his attempt, the strident Hain granted the vile and shifty Griffin such a victory for The BNP.

8M viewers - 300,000 extra votes for The BNP 175,000 from Labour, 50,000 from Lib.Dims. 50,000 from EUkip & 25,000 from Tories.

Woops sorry - got a bit long!!
Greg L-W.