Thursday, October 01, 2009

Party Conferences and General Election

With less than a year until the next general election the party conferences have been lacklustre to say the least. Next up the Tories in Manchester, which will be more bland nothingness I fear.

None of the parties seem to have used their conferences to seriously launch their campaigns, golden opportunities squandered. Labour seem to have accepted the inevitable, the Lib Dems were busy pretending to be serious contenders but only making themselves look foolish, I suspect the Tories will be a mixture of both, but slicker.

None of the smaller parties seem to be gaining ground. The Greens are invisible, UKIP wasted their conference backslapping about their mediocre results in June and as a result, are on a mere 4% in the latest polls.

From now until the elction this blog will be taking a closer look, on a regular basis, at the performance of the smaller parties because to be honest, the big three are all a bit much of a muchness.

Having said that, there are 60 million people and 650 or so MPs, so it's no good the populace whining when the remedy is in their hands. Look outside the big three.

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Greg L-W. said...


Consider how individuals can position themselves to hinder the Lib.Lab.Con. and aid the smaller parties - or if their supporters consider it apposite stand as candidates.

Here is an example in which I have been a little involved:

Masses of ideas - loads of links all eminently nickable or ammendable to suit YOUR needs in YOUR constituency.

Out of courtesy a link would be appreciated.

The cost is ZERO unless you want to run to 5,000 initial leaflets which is about £300.

IF you want details as to how YOU can make a difference, do contact this Blog who will give you my number.

Greg L-W.