Monday, October 12, 2009

A Nation of Wimps and Whiners

So one of the judges on X Factor has been in the brown stuff for 'homophobic' comments. I wondered what she'd said. I wondered if she had been advocating the extermination of homosexuals or at least re-criminalising homosexuality. But no, the evil, wicked Minogue woman, with reference to a contestant changing a song lyric to love for a woman rather than a man, said:

''If you're to believe everything you read in the papers, then you didn't need to change the gender references in the song.''

My God, what an evil thing to say!

Following on from the 'race row' around Anton du Beke it seems that elements in this country have very seriously lost all sense of proportion.

Of course if you dare to even mildly question certain politically correct givens then you are immediately branded a something-or-otherphobe. Quite pathetic.

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