Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wimp Nation

At the theatre in Manchester last night, we were greeted with the notice that you see on the left. It really made me despair at what a nation of wet, drippy, wimps we have really become.

No doubt if they hadn't put the warnings up some bloodsucker, in about 6 months time, would have sued the theatre claiming it was that unexpected bang at the play that brought on his eventual heart attack.

As far as the smoking goes, some quisling, grass, snitch whatever you want to call them, would have phoned the police hotline to tip them off about what they thought was illegal smoking. That or some over-dramatic tart in the tenth row would have started exaggeratedly coughing and spluttering as if choking to death as soon as a fag was lit. Said tart would then have sent a dry cleaning bill to the theatre claiming her clothes reeked of second-hand tobacco when she got home, and she'd even had to wash the curtains too!

And to think there are soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq living in crap, seeing terrible things and suffering terribly themselves, many coming home in their coffins. Is that really the kind of thing they are fighting for?

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