Friday, October 09, 2009

Anton du Beke and Carol Thatcher-Oppressed!

One of the images is a gollywog, the other Jasmin Alibhai-Brown. One offends me, the other doesn't.

The police state marches on, gathering momentum each day as the politically correct establishment turn the British Isles into a huge prison island. I wasn't going to comment on the Anton du Beke business, it seems so trivial. A dancer, in a private converstaion says that his dance partner, after spray tanning "looks like a Paki". Two weeks later somebody makes it public, wow, must have been a slow news day, and all hell breaks loose. Yet again the quislings and collaborators complain to the BBC, 500 members of the public with lives sadder than slugs and brains smaller than a mosqito's.

I decided to comment today because I have just heard professional offendee Jasmin Alibha-Brown on her soap box. If that bitch finds this country so disgusting, racist, imperialist why not piss off back to Uganda? Because she knows where she can have a cushy life, plauded by the self-loathing pinko-liberal establishment. She would probably be treated like the parasite she is in Uganda where, I suspect, they have more important issues to exercise the mind.

Her argument today was that it is OK to use the word "Paki" in a private dinner party for example, but not in a public space. Even when she was told, repeatedly, that he had used it in a private converstion she kept banging on about public space.

Then poor old Carol Thatcher was dragged in yet again for saying that a tennis player, with a particularly '70s style haircut "looked like a gollywog". It now seems that Carol Thatcher's sin was to not apologise. So she lost her job for perceived rudeness rather than 'racism' after all. The tennis player did actually look like a gollywog by the way.

But the great irony was that Jo Brand, the fat, ugly comedienne was the one that found the gollywog reference offensive. So talking about vaginas, penises and bodily functions and so on in your act isn't offensive Jo, but referring to a gollywog is?

Finally, I am a Mancunian, but Scousers and others refer to us as Mancs. So the next time a Scouser shouts: "Piss off you Manc bastard" at me, I look forward to him losing his job, if any Scousers actually work these days, and to my numerous appearances on news and current affairs shows explaining how mortally offended I am, not just for me but for Mancunians throughout the world.

Unless he does it in a private dinner party. Highly unlikely of course, as most Scousers aren't house trained!

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