Friday, October 02, 2009

Society and the Labour Party

It really is amazing when people whinge about drinking, violence, especially football violence, and anti-social behaviour. Every generation saw it, lived it, survived it. For Christ's sake, my parents lived through WW II, how was that for sheer bloody violence and anti-social bahaviour?

The 1960s? Oh well, they gave us peace and love didn't they? Or did they actually give us the sex without responsibility generation? The 'I'll do what I want and up yours' generation? The people who 'don't give a shit about anybody else, as long as I'm alright' generation? The 'I don't give a shit, the government can deal with the mess' generation? The BBC and Guardian readers in other words.

Do nowt yourself, but scream 'government must act' and wash your hands of it. Bung a few bob today and salve your conscience that way, after all you work for the BBC or the NHS now, you've given up revolution and don't give a shit any more, you work for worthy organisations, enough.

Social conscience is now Live Aid, Comic Relief, Sport Relief. Phone through your credit card number, that's how you care. Don't get off your arse and do, those nasty Victorians you despise so much did that, didn't they? Got their hands dirty, gave money to fund a hospital, and volunteered to help in it because they wanted to.

Imagine if the Victorians had just sat on their arses and gone 'here you are HSBC, take my cash and be gone'? They actually did something, and look at their achievements. How many care like that today?

My formative years were the 1970s and early 1980s. Interesting to hear Labour dickheads this week talking about the '80s as if they were another, darker, sinister planet. They weren't, yet again the country was trying to recover from years of Labour government abuse. This country in the 1970s was dying, socially and economically, but Labour talk as if the pre-1979, pre-Thatcher years, were the halcyon days. They weren't, they were actually shit.

Thanks to Labour the mood in the 70s was for revolution, but to overthrow the socialists. This country actually had food shortages, power cuts, yes we couldn't afford 24 hour electricity. Manchester, and elswewhere, were regularly disrupted by bombs or bomb threats, courtesy of the IRA. My youth in the 70s was very similar, in many ways, to that of youths in the post war years. We had shortages, candles, black-outs, parents uncertain about job security. Trade unions bullying men into strike action, or else. It was grim.

In 1979 the Tory election victory was the salvation of this country, and what the Tories did to Margaret Thatcher was unforgivable. But this is a new time. The Labour Party have raped the country again, but this time the Tories offer no salvation. Cameron is a self-seeking fraud with no answers. The British people must look elsewhere before the country falls apart into at least four parts, if not many more.

Let's look at Punk Rock. It seems to me that punk has been corrupted. The modern gobshites in the media give it over to be some kind of socialist rebellion, invariably tying it in to a gullible post-punk, naive Guevara t-shirt wearing generation as an anti-Thatcher rebellion. It sodding wasn't, the Sex Pistols played the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1976, three years before Mrs Thatcher. We were pissed off and, believe it or not, she was actually wanted, hence her winning the election in '79.

So get a grip, and bondage? Up yours!

I feel better for that. Off to bed now.

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