Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nick Clegg-The Breakup of the UK?

The more I see of Nick Clegg the more I dislike him. It's ironic that a TV journalist referred to him as Nick Cameron this morning, the only argument is which of the two is most vacuous. Cameron and Clegg become ever more like Ant and Dec, except Ant and Dec have some talent.

One of the arguments used by critics of PR is that it leads to coalition/weak government and months of backroom dealing after elections to agree on the weak government. Do they mean like this we are suffering at the moment? The sight of a loser like Clegg, leading a party that lost seats at the election, sanctimoniously lecturing us, the electors, on what he intends to do for our good makes me extremely pissed off and angry.

This the party that says, in rural constituencies that they oppose the hunting ban, and in urbans that they support it. The party that was desperate to join the Euro on day one, until the shit hit the fan. Now they claim to only want to join 'if the circumstances are right'. The party that wants to give an amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. The party whose leader, before the election, declared himself and his party not to be kingmakers, we were the kingmakers he said. Then get talking to the Tories and nobody else you bloody hypocrite. Whatever the outcome I suspect we will be in just as much shit as we were under Brown. Except the scummy Lib Dems will be strutting about like political peaccocks.

But if the Lib Dems were megalomaniac enough to form some kind of alliance with Labour and the Celtic Fringe we could kiss the UK goodbye. We English have tolerated and overindulged the Welsh, Scots and Irish for too long. For the English, who have overwhelmingly voted Conservative yet again, to have a ragtag army of losers like that lording it over us would surely be the final straw. Blair's devolution began the process of break up, that would surely light the blue touchpaper of English nationalism and see the English finally say enough is enough, let's go it alone.

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