Saturday, May 08, 2010

Labour Party Fascists

At the local election count in Manchester yesterday I was approached by John Flanagan, the victorious Labour candidate. He informed me that he would be making his victory speech then everybody would be walking out in protest at the presence of the BNP candidate and his agent. He assumed that we would be following him, they're like that in Manchester Labour fascists, they assume that they say jump and you ask how high. I notice they didn't boycott the whole election though!

However, I politely informed him that the Libertarian Party believe in democracy and free speech, even for those we disagree with, and that neither I, the candidate nor our other supporter present would do any such thing.

We stayed behind after the others left and had a good chat to the Lib Dems, who didn't walk out either to their credit. One of the Lib Dems was also an ex-UKIP member who saw sense. I don't think the BNP even realised there had been a walkout.

We didn't get 'Citizen Stuart' elected but we did have a small victory over the forces of Labour fascism.

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Citizen Stuart said...

Flanagan does have a talent for making himself look stupid. His victory speech wasn't exactly a masterpiece either, seeing as how he mentioned Newton Heath several times but not the rest of the ward. What I don't understand is why Flanagan spoke to you and not me - maybe he mistook you for me, as you do look a lot more like a politician!

I almost felt sorry for that little punk from the BNP too, he really looked lost and miserable, didn't he? Personally I found the whole thing quite enjoyable, despite coming last in the ballot.