Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Harriet Harman's A Bitch!

At lunchtimeI heard Harriet the Harridan being interviewed on the radio. She was whining about how Labour have around 80 wimmin MPs but the Tories only have about 40. Well yippidee you stupid old harpy, perhaps that's why you just got well and truly walloped in a general election. But I doubt it.

Interestingly there doesn't look like being any wimmin in Labour's leadership election. But she reassured us that she would remain Deputy Leader, good enough reason not to vote Labour next time too then.

She then whined on about the reasons for Labour losing the election, claiming it was Lord Ashcroft's cash and the newspapers 'wot did for us'. Nothing to do with bombing the shit out of countries throughout the world, turning Britain into a police state and bankrupting us then? And of course coverage of Gordon the Cyclops calling a little old lady a bigot was pure media hostility.

Talk about being in denial.

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