Saturday, May 08, 2010

Geraldine Smith MP for Morecambe and Lunesdale

Sorry about the title, she is now 'Geraldine Smith of Morecambe'. You see she lost her seat yesterday to the Conservatives.

Good riddance you vindictive, ill educated old bag.

For more on her click on the 'Geraldine Smith' label below, I've blogged a few times about her.


Anonymous said...


Totally agree with your comments about the vindictive Miss Smith - she got what she deserved on 6 May - she has been an appalling constituency MP and a staunch supporter of the illegal Iraq war.
What did she achieve for her constituency? A top quality transport link?

The result will enable her to spend more time with her girlfriend
in her Sandylands roof top penthouse suite in Morecambe and live off the cash she has accrued on the gravy train for the last 13 years - income and last but not least expenses. Also dont forget that golden pension.

Be interesting to see if the new Tory MP, David Morris will manage to accrue expense on the scale that Geraldine did. Weekend breaks in Italy perhaps!

Anonymous said...


Came accross this gem:-

What do you make of it? Any idea why Jezza never showed up at the Hustings.

Gregg Beaman said...

Found the blog but couldn't find the post you referred to and the link didn't work.

Maybe she'd been guzzling champagne again, but this time drank herself into a stupour.

Anonymous said...

Greg wrote:-

"couldn't find the post you referred to and the link didn't work"

Non compendre! Could you clarify what post and what link did not work. The only link I provided was the blog which obviously works as you found it.

Particularly found this post on that link interesting - the deception or cock up with the LEP?
Anonymous said...

I agree with you - I did hear you announce that the UKIP candidate was Mark Smith as well as someone in the audience who corrected you and shouted out that it was Mark Knight.

As you spoke to Mark Knight on the phone I'm surprised that you had to refer to the LEP publication dated Friday April 30, page 67.

The name in the LEP under the UKIP mugshot does indeed incorrectly state "Mark Smith", however in the write up it mentions Mark's surname twice. The second time it refers to Mark's correct surname Knight. How very strange that occured as well as how you never noticed it when you read the article!

I take it then Mike and Paul that you wont be supporting the Justice for Hollie campaign and instead will continue to support the cover up of the unsolved crime against children and vulnerable people.

Perhaps you could both explain your reasons for doing so to your congregation tomorrow at church.

It promises to be an interesting sermon. I hope that the congregation will give it the attention it deserves.

Gregg Beaman said...

Lost it completely now. What's the 'Justice for Hollie' campaign?

Anonymous said...


Did you not read the Priest's blogspot? I've copied them from the blog here:-

Have you read the book "Dunblane unburied"?

Gregg Beaman said...

This is now all becoming very bizarre. Whio is 'Mike'? And anything involving David Icke has to be a bit dodgy.

Unless any further comments actually make sense they will be rejected.