Thursday, May 20, 2010

Diane Abbott!

When Diane Abbott throws her hat in the ring for the Labour leadership you know you're having your leg pulled.

Would any sane person vote for that misfit after seeing her cringe inducing performances with Portillo sucking up to prat of the year Andrew Neil on This Week?

Go on Labour members, I dare you, really finish your party off and vote for her.

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Greg L-W. said...


& who do YOU think is better in Labour?
the theiving Balls Cooper racketteers.

Your chum Hazel Blears flip it and c

Pietre Haine criminal record for fiddling benefits for his staff and paying below the minimum wage!

The Marx brothers or shoule that be Marxist.

NOT ONE spoke out against the criminality of Brown, Blair, Straw, Prescott etc.

Would they like Nick Clegg?
He has shown he has no principles either - perfect Labour candidate AND he is pro EU and vassal status!

If they take Clegg they can have Cameron as a free extra. Same values, same lack of principles!