Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nick Clegg-Political Prostitute!

If you were dim enough to think the Lib Dems were any different I hope you've learnt otherwise over the last few days. They are the worst sort of political tarts, opportunists and and miscreants in British politics. Their leader has shown himself to be a self-seeking political prostitute.

Clegg's behaviour over the last few days makes even Jacqui Smith and David Chaytor look principled. Remember those two?

I was dreading the prospect of a second election this year but hope it now happens and the Lib-Dims get an even bigger kick up the arse than they got on May 6th, the patronising hypocrites.


Anonymous said...

At least sex workers prostitute themselves to get money for food, drugs and to stay alive. Nick Clegg is the worst kind of prostitute. He has three different degrees and said yesterday that he believes in education for education's sake. Try telling that to the someone from a background unlike his priveleged one, they have now no chance of an education thanks to him. He is the worst kind of politician, and I hope he is happy sitting smirking beside that other bland rich boy. At least we know what to expect from the Tories - Punish the Poorest. Now we can also expect the same from Liberals.

Gregg said...

The cuts are nowhere near deep enough. Scrap state education and the state near monopoly of healthcare and we may be on the way.

There's no room for the politics of envy in the 21st century. Let's hope Labour, indeed all socialists are finished, and the Lib Dims too soon.