Saturday, May 29, 2010

Soldier Boy by Pete Reidy

I was doing some TV extra work this week and it's amazing the people you meet when you do that. This week it was musical people, Billy who plays drums in a band and Mel who was a professional singer before retiring a few years back. You really do meet some interesting and entertaining people doing that kind of work.

On Thursday I heard Billy talking to a fella who'd just written a song and put it on YouTube, so I checked his name and it was Pete Reidy, and the song was called Soldier Boy.

I was working on Friday too so stayed over in Manchester on Thursday night. Today I cranked up the old laptop and had to have a butchers. What a fantastic song, it really sums up the public mood of the time, God bless our troops they make us so proud but bring them home, we don't want the war. For me it is the best protest song I've heard in years, part protest song part tribute to the British forces.

I hope Pete doesn't mind me bunging it on here, I think it deserves as wide an airing as possible:

If you liked it here is Pete Reidy's website

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