Monday, May 24, 2010

News of the World Stings

The Duchess of York is a rough old slapper and like so many people in public life today, has no morals or integrity. So she does a lot for charity, big deal. Her charitable work involves high profile fundraising events in some of the world's best hotels with some of the world's 'most beautiful people'. Useful but not the grinding, emotionally draining charity work that millions of British people do day in, day out.

Having said that am I the only one a bit pissed off with the News of the World trapping people in sting operations? Let's face it if I was offered £500,000 to introduce you to a member of my family I wouldn't think twice.

In fact £50 would probably do the trick!


Citizen Stuart said...

Despite being a dedicated republican, I really have to object to you referring to Fergie as "a rough old slapper". She's still the country's sexiest ex-royal, and if I wasn't such a peace-loving coward, I might have felt obliged to challenge you to a dual to defend the lady's honour.

She's obviously also a good negotiator, since I can't believe that £500,000 was the News of the Screws' opening offer!

Gregg Beaman said...

Eh up! What price for me to fix up an introduction?