Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hazel Blears MP

I have often attacked the verminous little turd with a carrot top known as Hazel Blears. She's a minging, unprincipled little gravy train sponger who really should be shot. However there seems to be 16,655 dickheads in Salford who are stupid enough to vote Labour and re-elect the little parasite.

Up yours Salford, never again will I spend a penny in Salford whether that be in a public lavvie or watching Salford RLFC (now known as Salford City Reds), or even visiting the Lowry. If you're stupid enough to vote for her then wallow in your own filth.


Anonymous said...

Please don't blame the good people of Salford.

78% of the electorate didn't vote for Blears. She's the most hated figure in the city, even more so now.

Blame New Labour's brainwashing of the city's most vulnerable with their constant stream of propaganda and scaremongering.

Gregg Beaman said...

Fair comment.

I was a little angry when I saw that result, maybe a little 'tired and emotional' too after returning from a month working away on a campaign.

I will still support Salford and get to the Lowry when I can, not to mention Neil's Friary on Langworthy Road!