Saturday, May 29, 2010

John Prescott and David Laws-Stinking Hypocrites

Let's start with the fat Yorkshire pudding acoss the Pennines in Hull. The slob made himself out to be the archetypal working class hero, a semi-articulate one but so be it. Then Blair, the arch-hypocrite and most patronising scumbag on the planet, made him Deputy Prime Minister.

You don't have to be a genius to see that Labour became the enemy of the so-called 'working classes' many years ago, in fact the day it was founded. But those 'working class heroes' deluded enough to think Labour were worth a vote were also stupid enough to think that Prescott represented Labour's gallant working class conscience. Blair appointed him because he knew how gulible the idiots in the Labour Party are, he thought it gave his authoritarian control freakery a veneer of old fashioned socialist paternalism. Patronising shit!

So Prescott got fatter and fatter on the perks of office, financed by our ever soaring taxes and became the typical decadent slob bureaucrat by shagging his secretary and building up a nice collection of Jags. He then even managed to get caught on camera playing Croquet. Sodding Croquet for God's sake!

But now he's really shown himself up for the hypocritical twat he is by moving up to the House of Lords. It was probably what he had to agree to to be forgiven by Mrs Prescott for playing away.

Then you get the shiny new men of principle in government the Lib Dems and whoops, they're not as clean as they pretend to be, which we all knew anyway, and David Laws complains to the Standards Commissioner about himself. What a pillock, outed as a homosexual because of fiddling his expenses. Who ever expected that to be a consequence of the snouts in the trough expenses scandal?

But what really got me was the fact that Laws is claiming that he only did it so that his sexuality wouldn't be revealed. Now that very admission proves he knew his claims were false and he should resign immediately from the government and be investigated by plod.

But the other big issue around Laws situation is that in 2010 a Lib Dem was scared of admitting his sexuality. If he is such a moral coward he should not be in government. If he thinks most of the public care about his sex life he is deluded and should not be in government. If he was scared of the reaction from within his own party at being outed then the Lib Dems are unfit to be in government. Actually the Lib Dems aren't fit to be in government but I'm sure you take my point.

So these two examples prove one thing about our coalition government. It's business as usual.

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Anonymous said...

They are all thieves and liars. Time for a revolution. I notice that Bliar ran away to the USA asap. voted with his feet.