Tuesday, May 25, 2010

British Airways: Let's Do The Timewarp

It seems that senior Unite figures, Unite being one of the last dinosaurs roaming the Earth, are accepting that British Airways are about to defeat the union and hopefully wreck it once and for all in the process.

The last few months have shown the lemming like quality of certain neanderthals in what remains of the Trade Union movement, it's like being in a 1970s timewarp. The country is in the shit, British Airways are in the shit so the cabin crew, extremely well paid compared to many in other airlines, go on strike. How very 1970s.

At weekend it came to light that Derek Simpson, one of the head neanderthals in Unite, when in vital talks with BA management, was Tweeting updates to the outside world under the table like a naughty schoolboy, which shows how much he really wants to resolve the dispute. It led to scruffy urchins from the Socialist Workers Party, what a contradiction in terms that name is for a political party, raiding the building where the talks were taking place.

Maybe about 1000 years ago there was a need for Trade Unions, but since 1945 they have done nothing but shaft the working class and hold them down. I look forward to the day when people in this country wake up, resign their memberships of Trade Unions and consign the whole lot of them to the waste bin of history.

Up the workers!

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