Sunday, May 16, 2010

Respecting Each Other

There has been a story in the news this week about a school in Ellesmere Port and a visit to a local mosque. The mosque sent the school a guide to dress and behaviour on their visit as the pupils were not muslim but Roman Catholic. I don't see a problem there, fair enough. I've visited Jewish sites in Europe and been asked to wear a skull cap, I was happy to do that, it's about respect.

But one mother in Ellesmere Port refused to dress her daughter 'modestly' to visit the mosque. Consequently the girl wasn't allowed on the trip and was marked as truant as her mother effectively refused to let her attend.

The mother declared that she refused to dress her daughter as requested as she is Catholic not muslim. Well I'm also a Catholic and believe that respect for other peoples' customs and religious beliefs come higher up the christian agenda than dress code.

There is a thin line between protecting your own beliefs and values and downright bigotry.

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