Monday, November 22, 2010

The BBC Must Go

Some taxes, under our current system of social democracy, are inevitable but taxes such as the BBC Licence Fee are totally unjustifiable. Why should we pay our TV tax to fund the BBC? Remember the tax is payable if you have the equipment in your home to receive TV signals, whether you watch the BBC or not. Just like the NHS the BBC is a state owned remnant from a bygone era. Both should be privatised.

BBC political correctness and bias seem to get worse as the general populace become more angry about political correctness. The cosmopolitan elite at the BBC really do despise us plebs who pay their wages, and with an increasing venom. Last week I saw a BBC documentary The Amerian Dream. It told the story of the American Dream through the 1950s and '60s. But behind every example of great achievement, there was a barbed put down. For example the quality of daily life and the growth of suburban living was highlighted but then a woman who had severe mental health problems appeared and lo and behold, the illness was blamed on the American Dream.
And of course there were the usual accusations of paranoia about communism, even though documents released in recent years prove that there was indeed a concerted Soviet led effort to undemine the American, indeed the whole Western system. We called it the Cold War, I suppose BBC producers would call it an attempt at liberation! 
Then three days before FIFA vote on who is to host the 2018 World Cup, with England in a strong position to win the race, the BBC are to air a documentary about corruption within FIFA. What wonderful timing, thank you BBC. The BBC claim that the broadcast is in the public interest, which it may be, but the timing is certainly not in the national interest. The footballing authorities are now considering boycotting the BBC, or at least the team bidding for the 2018 World Cup are.
But pissing off the sporting authorities is one thing, the BBC have managed to piss off the military in a grand style too. They are now broadcasting a drama showing the bullying of troops in Afghanistan. Again if there is a problem it needs dealing with but, whether we should or should not be in Afghanistan, we are there and we should be 100% behind our troops as long as they are there. How would you feel with your young lad in Afghanistan watching a drama about bullying? If you were a young lad in Catterick or Aldershot waiting to leave for Afghanistan, how would you feel watching that?
When wre've been abroad we've often slumped into a hotel room, weary and wanting to catch up on the news after a long journey. On goes the TV, up pops a news item  with a definite anti-British slant, and the blood starts boiling. Before switching off we check what hateful channel it is and guess what? Yes, it's BBC World!
The BBC consistently undermines Britain and everything British. I don't see why my taxes should be paying for it to do so.
If you feel the same there are numerous campaigns fighting to have the licence fee abolished. Some are weird, some extreme, others highly reasonable. I am not recommending any but suggest you search and research on the internet.


e.f. bartlam said...

We have well over 200 channels on cable...satellite radio and the internet (I assume it's the same for y'all)...and still NPR and PBS are untouchable over here.

Their slogan used to be "If we don't do it who will"...the implication being that, free of market forces, Public Broadcasting culture and hard news in a way the commercial outlets couldn't.

It was a load of crap back then...cranky pants Samuel Beckett used to do a regular prime-time presentation on CBS and it was network anchorman Walter Cronkite that stood in rice-paddy and declared the Vietnam war wasn't winnable, etc., etc.

Meanwhile..PBS makes a mint off of Seasame St (a Mississippi product by the way...even though no one asked) and selling Are You Being Served and Keeping Up Appearances DVDs...

All the while not even making the effort to hid their political's a crock.

e.f. bartlam said...

Man if I don't start proof reading my posts...I'm gonna get kicked of the English speaking internets.

Gregg said...

Not by a libertarian you won't, don't worry.

I think the same as you all the time, but I blame the keyboard.