Monday, November 15, 2010

MEPs and the GravyTrain

I'm looking forward to watching Dispatches tonight on Channel 4. It's yet another expose of the immoral workings of the European Union and the hypocrisy of MEPs. I've just seen this trailer for tonight's episode, which is entitled Riding Europe's Gravy Train.

What saddened me was seeing UKIP MEP John Bufton interviewed about signing in on a Friday morning to get the £260 allowance then clearing off home when the allowance is supposedly for staying overnight. Sadly Bufton, when asked if he cold justify it,  replied: "Under the system that we have yes". I know John Bufton and I'm  terribly disappointed to see that he has gone native, but not surprised, they all do.

Morality never seems to enter a politician's mind when it comes to grabbing the cash. The justification from them all, be it MPs or MEPs when caught on the make, is always "well that's the system". It might be, but you can still say no. It's the height of hypocrisy for an MEP, supposedly opposed to the vile gravy train that is the EU, looking smug when caught claiming a £260 a day allowance for turning up to work. Legally it may be ok, but morally it stinks.

Dispatches tonight is a must view if you have any interest in how your taxes are squandered.

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