Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Threat of Militant Islam

This is the UK 2010!
There is a growing recognition that tolerance has its limits. We cannot afford to tolerate ourselves into extinction. Anybody who has grown up in a high ethnic, especially Muslim area, will have seen the change in the past twenty years or more. And it is very disturbing.

The old New Labour government needed the votes of the ethnic minorities so cried racism constantly in an effort to make them feel threatened. They then rode in on their white chargers to protect them. I don't believe the overwhelming majority of people in this country give a damn about somebody's ethnicity, colour or religious beliefs. But they are quite rightly concerned at the threat to us from militant Islam. Don't expect the London bombings, the vile demonstrations against Remembrance Day parades by Islamic militants, and other incidents such as Wootton Basset, not to have a negative impact on the majority view of Islam. It is inevitable

I didn't see last night's docmentary about radical teachers in Islamic schools in the UK but was neither shocked nor surprised at what was apparently reported, it's been common knowledge for years. But under the New Labour all inclusive regime it was tolerated. What has shocked me is that the Coalition government appear to be preparing to take action against the militants in faith schools. The following quote from an article about the programme last night in the Telegraph is very heartening:

It has been left largely to journalists and to think tanks like Policy Exchange and the Centre for Social Cohesion to study and expose radicalisation in schools and universities. Last night, Panorama’s John Ware revealed that 5,000 children in more than 40 Saudi Students’ Schools and Clubs in the UK were being taught anti-Semitism, homophobia and other tenets of sharia. Michael Gove promises that his department will extend its remit to ensure it can stamp out such teachings in part-time schools. Mr Gove is the author of Celsius 7/7, a brilliant analysis of how the perverted totalitarian ideology that is Islamism developed out of “a great, historical faith” that has brought spiritual nourishment to billions. Asked to define extremism, he has explained that ''you know it when you see it”.

See the full article. Let's hope action on this threat is one promise the Coalition keep


Anonymous said...

Hi Gregg. I wonder what action you would advocate?

Gregg said...

It is hard to say and I doubt I will ever be in a position to have to decide how best to do it.

Closing down the militant schools, as the government propose, is one way. I would also deport foreign preachers of hate.

We need to deal with British extremists under the laws that we had before the draconian anti-terror legislation was brought in.

If an illiberal approach is needed then so be it. Militant Islam is every bit as vicious a totalitarian system as the Soviet Union was, and it puts us all in peril.

Gregg said...

Here is a link to an interesting debate: