Sunday, November 07, 2010

Those Nice Liberal Democrats

Having had a couple of days now to ponder the demise of Phil 'The Prat' Woolas I thought I'd make a couple of observations.

It's ironic that it was the Lib Dems who forced the first decision of this kind in nearly 100 years. They are probably the dirtiest, most conniving and underhand political campaigners in Britain. They are the masters of the black arts of modern electionering. I suspect if a few more of the Lib Dems' opponents had been as savvy as the Welshman in Oldham, there would have been many more decisions like that from the election court, only against the Lib Dems.

But that's the problem with the Lib Dems, they are like spoilt brats. They think they have the moral high ground which, in their warped world view, gives them a God given right to do what they want. Have you ever met a Lib Dem who isn't a smug bastard?

Even on a trivial level they say what the hell they want to get the odd vote. I remember one Lib Dem opponent, 2001 general election I think, telling a bunch of school kids that one of the reasons he supported the EU was because our streets are full of dog muck, which is dangerous, but in Europe they clean it up. Having just got back from one of our frequent trips to Belgium, where the streets are paved with dog poo, I put them straight.

Another one, again in a school debate, claimed that Skoda was now a serious car maker because of the EU. He didn't tell them that Volkswagen bought Skoda before the Czechs joined the EU. He made it up. I enjoyed telling the kids the truth.

Ever seen those little graphs in their Focus leaflets/newsletters? You know the ones that claim that the Lib Dems are within winning distance of the sitting councillor/MP, with all the other parties way down and only the Lib Dems can unsaet the sitting Tory/Labour wallah. They make them up. The same graph appears in Focus leaflets all over the country.

I've seen the Lib Dems put leaflets out in a particular street claiming that they are campaigning to improve the street lights. They'd been tipped off by one of their councillors that the lights in that street were due to be replaced in six weeks. Guess who claimed the credit?

In some ways, although I'm glad Woolas has got his comeuppance, it's typical of the Lib Dems to run off crying to sir when the black arts are used against them for a change. And if you have any doubts about how vile and dishonest the Lib Dems are, just remember how quickly they dumped their election promises to get into bed with the Tories.


e.f. bartlam said...

We got a city councilman where I live that's a seventh level black belt as this ****.

He'll go to streets where he knows they're coming around in the next few days to fix the sidewalks and pot holes...and just raise a stink, make a scene and promise to get somethin' done about it.

Like clockwork...he's such a clown, but I think he's been up there since dirt.

Gregg said...

They really are incredible. But all I've mentioned are the local con tricks that I've come across, there's much more and much worse, as you can no doubt believe, on a national scale.