Monday, November 01, 2010

Cameron's Stinking Hypocrisy

While our budgets are slashed, and quite rightly too, the EU continues to squander your hard earned cash. I have yet to hear a single supporter of the EU give a credible reason for its existence. Now Cameron claims that handing over at least £500m more each year of your hard earned cash, while you cut your expenditure, is a stunning victory. Bullshit Cameron you hypocrite!

Just take a look at the following figures from the Mail Online:

50,000m2 (or half the size of Wembley Stadium) is the floor area of the EEAS (European External Action Service) headquarters in the Triangle building in Brussels, rented at £10.5million a year.

16% pay rise awarded to Eurocrats when they are posted abroad, plus allowances for drivers, housekeepers, school fees and special low taxes.

£800 Cost per chair, for Brussels to refit former Tory Party HQ in London as Europe House, after buying it for £20million.
 Baroness Ashton’s £313,000 a year makes her the Number One best-paid female politician in the world.
The European Union is a sick, immoral thief and the sooner we get out the better. Just remember when you are making financial sacrifices for the sake of your country that MEPs voted through an increase of 85% in their entertainment budget.


Anonymous said...

Gregg, you can rage as much as you want but you are fighting a losing battle.

We have a political elite in charge, a new world order, and they are not even interested in the little guy. We are economic units.

The opposition to the status quo is too fragmented.

The possible weak points for the powers that be are a mass defection of Tories such as Carswell, Helmer, and Hannan, and a revolt amongst the C2s.

But they need a leader and party to follow.

But, you’re right and I share your anger.

Gregg said...

I don't disagree with you in any way BJ.

Only thing I would add is that people have been bought off. A nice cosy existence, and sitting back and whining, is as much as we can expect from too many people. Knock the French but at least they get off their derrieres once in a while for a good riot.

Thanks for the visit, and like your blog.