Friday, November 19, 2010

Trains, Planes, Automobiles and White Vans-Divine Comedy

I'm off to London next weekend for the Libertarian Party AGM. I've checked out trains and buses but they either take too long or are far too expensive. So it looks like my trusty old white van will be my chosen mode of transport and a night or two sleeping in my sister's spare room in North London. I say couple of nights as the AGM will probably involve several pints of beer rendering me unable to drive until the Sunday. Good reason to then have a decent chicken madras too.

Whenever I consider public transport the wonderful National Express by the Divine Comedy runs through my mind. We did actualy know somebody a few years back who was a hostess on the National Express buses, and her arse really was as wide as a small country. Belgium I always thought, Julie thought more Luxembourg, either way it was a Benelux country.

Ladies and gentlemen, before I leave to spend a few hours in the Rover's Return in Manchester, I give you, the Divine Comedy and National Express:

Well it is Friday, and I thought I'd reintroduce Friday Funday. All work and no play.........


Citizen Stuart said...

I can't face the nightmare of driving round ****ing London (I always get lost) so I'm taking the train. I booked the tickets online for just over £50, but that's still cheaper than petrol plus parking. It does mean I'll have to get out of bed at Stupid O'Clock in the morning, but at least I can sleep on the train.

Gregg said...

Public transport here is a nightmare compared to many countries we've travelled in.