Thursday, November 11, 2010

The European Union-The New Evil Empire

The EU proves time and again that it despises the people of Europe, it is only interested in consolidating and extending its power, and is supported by British MPs, MEPs and bureaucrats who are making themselves wealthy on its ill gotten gains.

The Soviet Union referred to the Eastern Front (1941-45) of World War II as the Great Patriotic War, ironic as they had already snuffed out the freedom and independence of many smaller states. They then proceeded to enslave a whole chunk more of Europe after World War II behind the Iron Curtain. To ensure no more nasty wars supposedly.

Similarly the EU is trying to claim the last war as a fight for European integration, meaning freedom and democracy, or their equivalent of it. It is trying to hijack Remembrance Day with a £4.7 million plan to put euro-branded commemorative plaques marking "European integration" on war cemeteries and memorials. How very Stalinist.

Then your president, Herman van Rompuy claims that Eurosceptism will lead to war. Oh really Mr van Rompuy? I'll tell you what will lead to war, the European Union. van Rompuy is a characterless, grey bureaucrat who has not been elected to his post. It is being governed by the unelected that is likely to lead to war.

van Rompuy claims that Euroscepticism leads to nationalism which leads to war. What leads to nationalism is forcing millions of people into an undemocratic union that bleeds them dry and denies them their heritage. Remember the EU is increasing its budget when every real country is cutting expenditure, and we have no power over those who are stealing our taxes. That is what leads to war.

Every tyrant has a scapegoat. van Rompuy is making us Eurosceptics his scapegoat. Of course it doesn't help our cause when supposedly Eurosceptic MEPs, such as UKIP's, ally themselves with assorted fruitcakes and extremists in their EFD Group in the European Parliament. The EU has been very canny. Draw in the Eurosceptics, seduce them with all the cash available and they can't resist. If you doubt the lure of the filthy lucre just remember Ashley Mote and Tom Wise.

But then you have to dangle the carrot of more cash to those who haven't gone so far that they've ended up in clink. How do they do that? They introduce the concept of the pan-European political party. You can't sit there in isolation in the 'European parliament', you need to be in a grouping with lots of other parties from other countries. Why is that? Because that way the EU will give your group of MEPs more money to spend. Then you ratchet things up a little more and the groups become pan-European political parties.

So how does this serve the EU's purpose? Because the mainstream political parties will not ally themselves with smaller, more radical parties. So there begins a desperate scramble among the smaller parties in the European parliamant to find common ground, because they have now become greedy for cash. So UKIP end up allied with Lega Nord and other unsavoury parties in the European parliament.  In May 2009, Matteo Salvini, formerly an MEP and at that time Lega Nord secretary in Milan, called for racial segregation on Milanese public transport. Nice chap.

So when we in the Eurosceptic movement try and defend ourselves from attacks like van Rompuy's, the actions of UKIP MEPs make our position very weak with their associations with the far-right in Brussels. And if you doubt the seriousness of the UKIP position, remember that two of their MEPs, Nikki Sinclaire and Mike Nattrass , have left the EFD Group.

As an old UKIP friend of mine used to say about Eurosceptics joining in the European parliament jamboree: "If you sup with the devil, you need a very long spoon".

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