Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vince Cable and Coalition Doomsday

I couldn't really believe what I was hearing today. Sadly I heard numerous interviews with Vince Cable, I think he has some serious form of mental illness, or maybe dementia.

When asked about dropping Lib Dem principles, or what pass for principles, he declared they did it in the 'national interest'.

In the 'national interest' he joined the Coaltion cabinet.

He then drew up government policy on tuition fees and student loans.

He thinks the coalition policy is absolutely right under current circumstances.

He may however abstain when the voting in the House of Commons because his mates in the Lib Dems might abstain.

So what he is finally saying is: "stuff the national interest, my gang's more important".

Labour are enraged but I've heard little response from the Tories. I can only assume that Cable doesn't realise how despised the Lib Dems are, by their own supporters as much as the elecorate at large, and thinks another general election might be a good idea.

As for anybody who thought the Lib Dems were trustworthy, there must still be a few out there, I think this latest fiasco proves you totally wrong.

Or maybe putting the Lib Dems into government has really been the ultimate care in the community cock-up.

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