Monday, November 01, 2010

Leonard Cohen

I only hope I get the chance to see Leonard Cohen live. Somehow I missed him on his world tour in 2008, so here he is at the O2 Arena singing Suzanne.



gurnygob said...

Leonard Cohen pure magic. Thanks for posting this, it sort of fit’s my mood at the moment.
Great stuff

Gregg said...

My pleasure, glad you enjoyed it. He seems to get better with age doesn't he?

Thanks for visiting and commenting.


gurnygob said...

Gregg i would love to know the meaning behing that song. it sounds almost spiritual. I read the lyrics but still lost. Do you know?

Gregg said...

You've got me thinking now, for which I am grateful.

Need to give it some thought but I think it's about the betuty of love, in the shape of Suzanne, and how irrational love is. This is put alongside belief in God, which too is irrational.

He sees something mystical in Suzanne, and drowning men suddenly see God. Maybe.

This link might help us both: