Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Prat of the Month

Oi, teacher, stop shouting!
Step forward Mrs Joyce Walters, aged 50.

Walters has won £150,000 damages from her local authority because, as a teacher, she developed nodules on her vocal chords. She claimed that her unruly pupils meant that she had to shout a lot, and has now had to give up the vocation she supposedly loved.

If she was so hot at the vocation she loved, why could she not control a classroom without bawling like a parade ground RSM from a Carry On film?

Prat she might be, but she's smart enough to con a local authority out of £150,000 that could have been spent on education.

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Peter Metcalfe said...

Perhaps the nodules also developed while she was shouting in the bars she frequents. I'll have to try that one for £150,000.

Gregg said...

Sitting behind desks has made me overweight. I want compensation!!