Monday, March 26, 2012

Socialist Hypocrites

Manchester City Council wants to charge people for using the NHS. Where's the uproar? Free at point of delivery? Not if this Labour Council gets its way. Where are all the whining socialists who have been claiming these last 50 years that the Tories are about to privatise the glorious nationalised health system now Labour are actually threatening to charge for it?

Oh, it's for people using A&E because they've been drinking, so that's OK then. Well it's not OK actually, but I suppose now the gullible majority of the population have been softened up by the puritanical propaganda of the health fascists, they'll just accept it, 'for our own good'.

Well just think about this, drinking will be the thin end of the wedge, these things always are. If they get away with this what will be next? Maybe you end up breaking a leg on a football field on a Sunday morning. Silly boy, you chose to play a dangerous game, why should taxpayers pay for your treatment? You caused that nasty car crash did you? Well here's a bill for your treatment. Well, if you're daft enough to go jogging at your age, and in your condition, it's no surprise you've had a heart attack. Here's your bill for treatment.

Here are a few scenarios to ponder:

Fred is on his merry way home from the pub after 10 pints. He's perfectly merry but gets jumped by a couple of stone cold sober chavs who kick him unconscious and nick his wallet. When he is found unconscious by the police and taken to A&E does he have to pay? No witnesses.
Fred is on his merry way home from the pub after 10 pints. He's a violent prat when he's been drinking and kicks off a fight with a couple of lads on their way home. They run and he passes out. When he is found unconscious by the police and taken to A&E does he have to pay? No witnesses.

In 1980 a group of us had left the pub and were on our way to a club in Manchester. On Market Street I was kicking a can for a football. The girl I was with kicked the can and her clog flew off. As it did a friend of mine turned to say something to us and the clog hit him full on the nose. Hilarious for us, not for him, he ended up in A&E with a broken nose. He was drunk but the accident was not down to drink. Should he have had to pay?

And when people start whining about the cost to the NHS of dealing with drunks, remember how much those drinkers have put into the kitty in alcohol duty, income tax, national insurance and every other exhorbitant tax the government stings us for.

Remember, the thin end of the wedge.

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Daz Pearce said...

When the taxes on alcohol and tobacco keep being increased to the point where they far exceed their costs to the health service, a little suspicion regarding their motives for doing it is only natural.

If only they'd come out and state openly that they wish to ban these things, I might respect these lifestyle fascists a bit more for being sincerely wrong.

Smokers, drinkers, drivers and single people without kids appear to be the pariahs who its ok to target and force to pay for everything (I don't drive by the way!!).

When you measure that up with the anti-racist and anti-sexist credentials of the same people, it seems not to be persecution that's the issue, but who is being persecuted.

Very strange, but then much of modern Britain is...