Friday, March 16, 2012

Motorways-Germany and England

Doing a lot of driving recently I had time to think about our motorways and German autobahns. I once reached 140mph on an autobahn which was great fun. It was a big flash hire car but I doubt I'd have had to face the music if I'd crashed, it was comforting to think I'd have probably know nothing about it at that speed . It was perfectly legal too and I have never felt in any danger on a German autobahn.

Different story here where pillocks sit in the middle lane or cut you up swinging across your front bumper as they nearly miss their junctions. On Tuesday I even had a misfit barely going over 40mph on the motorway causing all kinds of fun and games.

That got me thinking about the difference between us and the Germans. I think two songs about roads sum up the difference between us and our German friends. Here is the German one:

Here is the English one:

Yes they are aren't they?

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Daz Pearce said...

Final score

Tom Robinson 1 Ralf und Florien 1

Ralf und Florien win on penalties

Seriously, Kraftwerk were about 20 years ahead of their time, possibly the most influential band ever.