Friday, March 02, 2012

Roxy Music Time!

Last week I was getting the adrenalin rush of performing in a play at a theatre I fell in love with the first time I saw a production there sixteen years ago. My beloved has only just got over her end of run hangover.

This week has been a little flat, although I did get my first telly work this year which is good. I went for a casting in Manchester on Wednesday and got a part in a TV commercial, as did a good mate of mine who I enjoy working with. Filming next week somewhere in the North West which will be good fun.

This week the news hasn't been exciting enough to stimulate a great deal of blogging. The government still doing its best to screw up the Middle East by pratting around in Syria. The European Union pretending they have a solution to the cock-up that is the Euro. Strange how they seem to think endless summits will solve the problem. Which reminds me, I was asked yesterday if I had any financial dependents. I answered: "Yes, the population of Greece!" Boom, boom!

So to end the week I thought a bit of Roxy Music would go down well. In my humble opinion Bryan Ferry has never written or sung a bad song, so I'm always spoilt for choice. I went for Psalm, off the Stranded album:

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