Thursday, March 29, 2012

Idiots And Politicians

They say you get the government you deserve, and Labour in power from 1997 to 2010 proves the high proportion of idiots living, and sadly voting, in the UK. Admittedly the current shower of pillocks in government aren't much better but let's face it, you'd have to try hard to be worse than the Blair/Brown axis.

Today the idiots have been out in force panic buying fuel to the extent that I spent 20 minutes stuck in a jam caused by queues at a filling station. When I eventually passed the filling station there was a sign saying they had run out of diesel. For God's sake get a grip people!

Then I heard a prize moron on the Jeremy Vine phone-in on BBC Radio2. He had filled up his tank proudly proclaiming he did so few miles it would last him 'til June, he then boasted of filling a five litre jerry can for his lawn mower. Well, his life really depends on fuel doesn't it? My wife has a 150 mile round trip at least three times a week to visit her sick mother in hospital, but of course to a prat who does 10 miles a week and likes to cut his grass that's not important. Of course his needs are far greater than hers or the doctors, nurses, bobbies, power workers and others who really do need to get to work.

Then there were muppets blaming the government for the situation. Yes Maude is an idiot in an idiot government. But his remarks yesterday, that were admittedly stupid, were in response to a socialist idiot called Len McCluskey who leads an idiot union called UNITE. Comrade McCluskey wants to put the greed of a thousand tanker drivers before the needs of the whole country. They have contrived support for a strike. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to find out who really is the guilty party. Funny how people never believe what a politician says, but one of the clowns says "fill your tank" and in true Pavlovian fashion off they go to get fuel.

Then you have Labour clowns and their supporters whining about VAT on hot takeaway food. Socialists complaining about a tax rise! It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Labour who sold our gold reserves, plundered our pensions, borrowed more and more until they left us almost bankrupt, and all they can do is whinge about pasties.

In 1997 Labour inherited a budget that was in balance. Then Gordon Brown went on a huge and irresponsible spending spree. By the end of 2009-10 we were in debt to the tune of £171 billion!

So remember that when you're whining about your pasty while queuing for fuel you don't really need, and get a sense of proportion. Even as one who loathes this government I have to admit that a debt of £171 billion trumps 20p on a pasty in anybody's language.

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