Friday, March 23, 2012

My Tax Statement

This week I've been really pissed off with people expressing hatred of anybody who has a few more bob than them minimising their tax liabilities. If they love paying tax so bloody much then make a few voluntray extra payments to HMRC, I'm sure Giddy Osborne and co would be very grateful.

If any of those jumping on the 'tax 'em 'til the pips squeak' bandwagon have never tried to minimise tax contributions I might respect them, although I would still disagree. But I'll bet they've bought duty free  goods at some time. I bet they've bought cheap booze and fags in France and elsewhere at some time. I'll bet they've filled up their tanks at Calais to avoid paying our ludicrously high fuel duty a little longer when they get back. I bet they've filled their fuel tanks the day before a budget to avoid paying extra duty. I bet they've made charitable donations by gift aid thus depriving the exchequer of income towards the NHS or whatever. I bet they've saved in an ISA or some other 'tax efficient' saving scheme.

My moral duty is to provide as best I can for my family. My moral duty is not, and never will be, to waste hard earned cash by pouring any more than I have to into the bottomless pockets of the state. My moral obligation is to pay as little tax as I legally can. And if I'm one day worth millions I will still live by the same principles.


Daz Pearce said...

Maybe the government is missing a trick? If they go door to door, passing themselves off as a charity, they're bound to find some of the millions who apparently love paying tax sooner or later?

Blogmaster said...

Make every MP gather his constituents together in a series of meetings to collect their taxes personally. When the prats see that's who they're giving their money to they may change their minds. Or think a bit more about politics and how they vote!