Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Joke That Is The Olympics

What I can't understand about the Olympics is how people who never go near an athletics meeting, or even watch one on TV start going gaga when the Olympics come round and would kill to get their hands on a ticket to see a race that lasts 10 seconds.

As if the cash involved did'nt make a big enough mockery of the 'Olympic ideal' we now have the vulgar joke of the British Olympic chiefs touting for athletes from around the world to join them in the hope of picking up a couple more medals when the vile circus turns up in London this summer. The latest, and there are several others, is Yamile Adama who has pulled on a vest for Cuba where she was actually born, Sudan and now Britain. Not only that but she could even captain the UK team.

So what has happened to the millions and millions of public money spent on facilities and training for the next generation of UK athletes? Or was it all spent on that huge politico/bureaucratic vanity project known as 'the Olympics' and stuff the future of our homegrown young athletes?

Like the Irish football team of old, when having once had a pint of Guiness qualified a half decent player to join the Irish national team, that athlete you are cheering on for a British gold medal may be no more British than the President of Argentina.

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