Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sack The Mithering Politicians

The devil makes work for idle hands is so very true of our politicians. With over 70% of our laws coming from our European Union masters there has been no decrease in the number of conmen in the House of Commons. Indeed we now have many more politicians and bureaucrats mithering and bullying us than we ever had when we had the world's greatest empire.

In all affairs at the moment we seem to have a government that is incapable of independent thought, let alone independent action. In addition to the EU we slavishly follow what our allies do, whether formally through NATO or the United Nations, or by grovellingly kowtowing to the United States. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a USA basher by any stretch of the imagination, they are fine allies to have and valuable friends. What I find demeaning as a British citizen is the way Blair/Brown/Cameron have slavishly followed the lead of Bush/Obama. As the Americans look set to jettison the vacuous Obama Cameron was over there grovelling and smarming around him while ignoring conservatives in the Republican Party. Cameron is a visionless 'yes man' who should be dumped by his party at the first opportunity.

This lack of vision, and selling out to supranational bodies, means that our politicians have nothing to do but micromanage our lives. For decades the National Health Service and education have been political footballs undergoing endless reform, reorganisation and restructuring at a cost of millions by successive governments. Despite all that, and years of waste by Conservative and Labour governments, the emotional retards on the left have been crying and screaming about the Tories privatising the NHS, since the 1970s in my memory, probably earlier. Sadly no Conservative government has had the guts to privatise it. I still can't work out why the people who hate politicians the most are the happiest to have them in charge of our health and education services.

Now we have elected mayors. Why? What for? We are soon to have elected police commissioners. Why? What for? Are those councillors previously responsible for what these misfits are going to do going to get the axe? Don't make me laugh! Politicians are busy using our tax money creating ever more gravy trains for each other, stuff the cost to mugs like you and me. At least two current Labour MPs are going for these new jobs, Manchester MP Tony Lloyd for Police Commissioner, Birmingham MP Gisella Stuart for elected Mayor. Why doesn't a pair of lefties going faster than Usain Bolt to clamber onboard a new gravy train surprise me?

Now, to try and reassure us the government is to send us all a breakdown of how our tax money is spent. The patronising bastards! How many bureaucrats will it take to produce that? Will it include how much tax is wasted on pointless bureaucratic exercises such as sending us all a breakdown of how our tax is wasted? Will it include a breakdown of how much our sponging parasite politicians really cost us? Thought not.

But as long we have millions of useful idiots in this country, whose answer to everything is 'the government should spend more', then government will get away with it. When the idiots realise that government can only spend our money, which means ever higher taxes, politicians will have carte blanche. Or maybe the useful idiots like the idea of 100 year bonds, they probably don't give a toss about our grandchildren and great gandchildren being saddled with a huge debt crisis, as long as they're alright. Socialism in practice.

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Daz Pearce said...

Oh the devil will find work for idle hands to do, I stole and then I lied just because that's what the expense system told me I should do...

I was going to write 1000 words on why elected police chiefs were a bad idea, then realised I could nail it in three