Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Race Obsession In The United Kingdom

I've spent years defending the House of Lords against those obsessed with people they perceive to be a priveleged throwback. Then this morning up pops a news report that shows the House of Lords to be an out of touch throwback.

They have finally caught up with the politically correct race obsessives and have produced a report banging on about 'diversity' in the judiciary. They think that people will lose faith in the judiciary if there aren't more black people and women. If I was up before the beak on a serious charge I don't think the sex or race of the judge would be the biggest thing on my mind.

I have never yet heard a group of people, politicos or normal people, discussing their fears that the judiciary may not truly represent the diversity of twenty-first century Britain. What I do hear regularly is people discussing how pissed off they are with the ruling elite, and the Guardian reading brainwashed brigade, constantly banging on about racism, sexism and homophobia.

Take two examples from the world of football. Footballer Luis Suarez calls an opponent a "black bastard" and he is banned for eight games and is treated like a pariah. John Terry is alleged to have said similar and he is stripped of the England captaincy and faces criminal charges after the European championships. Don't get me wrong, two pretty unpleasant people in my view but that's that.

Lee Hughes, who currently plays for Notts County, went to clink for causing death by dangerous driving and leaving the scene of the crime. He walked out of clink straight into a new job. Paul Gascoigne, among many other things, admitted to a newspaper some years back that he regularly beat his wife. Gascoigne is treated like a national mascot.

Is it any wonder many peoples' perception is that race related offences carry much harsher punishment than mugging, killing and many other crimes? It's this pereception that causes people to swing to the far-right much more than the sight of black and Asian faces on the streets. By and large if you leave people to get on they will get on. The politically correct obsession with race breeds resentment and fuels support for the far-right.

The report claims that 'only' 10% of the judiciary are from ethnic minorities. Last time I looked much less than 10% of the population came from ethnic minorities, so what are they banging on about? Only 22% of the judiciary are women. I'll bet it was a lot less 25 years ago, so let them continue to work their way up to being judges on merit. Or do these out of touch peers think women and ethnic minorities are incapable of achieving under their own steam?

Personally I hope that our judiciary is impartial and that if I do end up in a court that I would be treated fairly whether the judge is black, female, gay or whatever. If, as the Lords' report says, we need a judiciary that truly represents our society today do they mean we should actually have a proportion of murderers, racists, paedophiles and all the rest on the bench?

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