Friday, March 23, 2012

Nanny State-Up Yours!

My beloved's mother is in rehab. No, she's not some kind of geriatric Amy Winehouse, she was rendered housebound around five years ago by our incompetent, nationalised health system and earlier this year landed herself in hospital again following a fall.
Anyway, earlier this week I went with my beloved to visit her mum and we took her outside in her wheelchair for a quick fag. We settled her in the sun, she put her fag of choice between her lips but didn't have a light, her lighter had been confiscated by the 'care staff'. We found her a light and she had a satisfying puff.
Today my beloved went to see her mum and had to replenish her stash of weed, so she went to Sainsbury's for ten Silk Cut (purple). They were closetted behind white screens away from the gaze of the public like hand maidens of the Lord, or vestel virgins secreted away from the gaze of sinners. The cashier respectfully opened the protective blinds on the magical goods behind but came back to inform Mrs B that they had no tens in Silk Cut (purple).
Mrs B asked to look at what other similar fags they had but was told by the state supply operative (supplier) that she couldn't let my beloved look at the products as that would constitute the operative "encouraging her to consume tobacco". She was directed to a price list at the end of the counter.
If my beloved wasn't a worldly wise ex-smoker she may have looked at the price of Park Drive, Senior Service or Woodbine and thought: "Oooh, I'll treat my mum to some of those, they must be really good quality at that price!!" Don't suppose the health fascists think like that that not living in the real world.
Despite the best (or worst) efforts of the NHS my m-in-law still survives at 88. Surely she should be allowed a fag in peace.


Left-footer said...

Downright sickening. The argument that smoking-related diseases cost the taxpayer money won't wash. How much does it cost to provide contraception and abortion and to treat venereal disease?

But the grandmother sounds great, God bless her, and all of you.

Anonymous said...

I gave up the weed in '85 - I sometimes feel like going back to it - just to spite these meddling fools.

They're happy to take the tax though.

Peter Metcalfe said...

And what about her 'Human Rights'. Or do they only count if you are of a certain political persuasion?

Blogmaster said...

I'm always tempted to have a smoke on National No Smoking Day even though I gave up in '05.

The bastards are turning their attention to drink now. I swear I will root out and shoot the next health fascist I hear on the wireless whinging about what is not good for us.

Daz Pearce said...

I thought they were good for you, and have vitamin C in them and stuff? (copyright Denis Leary)

Seriously, I'm off to watch North End later on and given the way we're playing, I'm gonna need a couple both just before and straight after the match!!

Are they actually trying to turn this country into Cambodia?

Blogmaster said...

Or the other one Daz. She'll die at 110 and the doctor will shake his head and say: "I told her to give up smoking".

Anonymous said...
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Blogmaster said...
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