Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bishop of Lancaster And Gay Adoption

There has been an ongoing 'dialogue' between the Bishop of Lancaster, Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue, and the Catholic Caring Services in the diocese. For those who don't know the Catholic Caring Services provide adoption, among other services, to Roman Catholics. The problem is that government legislation means that from January 2009 adoption agencies will be forced to offer their services to gay and lesbian couples. This goes completely against the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church.

This morning at Mass we were informed that the situation has worsened. The trustees have voted to accept the new legislation and offer their services to same sex couples. As a consequence the Bishop has informed them that if they do go against the teaching of the Church, then he will have no option but to remove their designation as a Catholic service and sever their links to the diocese. Thank God for a Catholic Bishop who upholds the faith.

I am not clear about the complete ins and outs of the situation but suspect that the trustees are running more scared of the government and its enforcement agencies than they are of the Church or the Bishop of Lancaster. Those trustees who voted to abdicate their responsibilities won't be joining the honourable list of Lancashire martyrs, those who faced death not just malicious prosecution, defending their faith.

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