Thursday, October 02, 2008

Students Being Silly

In this shock horror story those intrepid journalists at the BBC have gone in, under cover again, and discovered that students do silly things that often involve excessive alcohol consumption. Well I never!

In this particular instance they are led through the streets with bags on their heads by a student dressed in 'Nazi style' uniform. Oh no, the poor dears.

There are then tales of ritual humiliation and the tale of one poor student who choked 'on his own vomit'. Admittedly that is truly tragic, but I suppose choking on somebody else's vomit would have been a marginally worse way to shuffle off the mortal coil.

There is another student who described having matches inserted in 'inappropriate' parts of his body. Are there really parts of the body in which it would be 'appropriate' to stick a match?

I was only talking to somebody yesterday about initiation ceremonies and how they can be character forming, not to mention good for teambuilding. Suppose the wet nelly pinko liberals at the BBC abhor that kind of thing.

I suppose staff working on that particular expose are now having therapy provided from our license momey. Meanwhile the students are probably having a great time running up huge debts, thanks to the government, and getting completely bladdered every night.

Thank God for the BBC!

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