Thursday, October 02, 2008

More On Rubbish Riots In Naples

The following comment arrived today on my post Rubbish Riots In Naples. I felt it warranted another airing so I'm posting it below too.

Just so you all know, the rubbish crysis is still going on.

Berlusconi on the 18th of July has publicly claimed that he solved the problem.

That is not true.
The rubbish has been removed from the center of the city, but in the peripheral areas and in the provinces, the problem is still the same.
Journalists are being intimidated and warned to not spread news on the rubbish still in the streets, and people who try to protest are intimidated as well.

Just check the following youtube videos:
In the first one, some people are being intimidated by the police to avoid their protest reaching the palace where Berlusconi is announcing that the "rubbish emergency" has been solved.

Berlusconi declared the emergency solved in the 18th of July 2008.

You can see with your eyes what is happening

21 July (13km from Naples)

8 August, says the date on the newspaper
(Firefighters are blocked by the trash and there's rubbish burning)

8 September, just a couple of Kilometers from the city port.

People that make this videos public are risking.
They have organized crime against them. The organized crime profited from the emergency, and too much media attention was ruining their businessess. Bringing back the attention of the media and the eyes of the world upon the problem is the only way to fight them effectively.

From Italy: please, don't forget this.

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