Friday, October 10, 2008

War On Terror, War On Iceland

So, to all those who respond, when HMG brings in ever more oppressive legislation, "if you've nothing to hide you've nothing to fear", what do you say now?

Here is the tale of how the New Labour dictatorship has further abused its power.

Anti-terror legislation is supposed to be there to protect us from terrorists, no surprise there. It is now being routinely abused to suit whatever the government wants at a given time, no real surprise there either. This is exactly how dictators creepingly and stealthily whittle away freedom democracy and build a police state.

In my view, see post below, banks that fail should be left to fail, just as the EU/government has let Post Offices go to the wall. Invoking anti-terror legislation to kick Iceland smacks of fascism and bullying. Yes there has been stupidity by Icelandic money men, as there has been by money men all over the world, but this action by the government confirms many of our worst fears. That the 'war on terror' is merely a smokescreen to justify something far more sinister, just as 'weapons of mass destruction' were.

A terrifying thought. What would this government have done to Iceland during the 1970's 'Cod Wars'. Nuked 'em I'll bet.


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

If I have nothing to hide then why should I be treated like a tagged criminal, because that is what I.D. card are - a form of tagging.

The thing to fear is not having nothing to hide, but the Government's plans for a data base state - now that is scary.

T Bishop Finger said...

Seeing how our Armed Forces are bogged down nation-building in Iraq and Afghanistan, I don't think the Icelanders will have much trouble overunning the country in the event of a second Cod War. Though being annexed by Iceland has one good point, not being in the EU anymore.

lurch said...

..but surely this cannot have come to pass?
Our political betters told us there was no question of anti-terror legislation being used for any other purpose than against those nasty towel head bombers.
No, you must be mistaken.

Gregg Beaman said...

Yes, you must be right. That nice Mr Brown loves liberty and freedom so I will soon awake from my nghtmare and all will be well.