Friday, October 17, 2008

Oppressed Witches In Lancashire

We are heading towards that time of the year when witches get active and joe public goes out hunting for them, and I mean hunting in the nicest possible way. In Manchester people head for Alderley Edge seeking cavorting witches, here in north and east Lancashire it is Pendle Hill, for obvious reasons.

Now I've never been out seeking witches at either place, although we did celebrate the 'Day of the Dead' a few years back on Lake Patzcuaro in Mexico, but that's a whole different experience. However, having a few pints then going looking for witches, preferably the type who romp in the woods naked and luvly, seems like a fun thing to do I would have thought, but not Lancashire's 'Event Safety Advisory Group'. Oh no, they think you might have an accident and are stopping people going to Pendle Hill on Halloween. As you will see by reading the linked article the group involves the chief puritans, the Lancashire Police 'Service'. Bloody killjoys all of them, although I neither condone nor encourage the practice of witchcraft. But you should watch Wicker Man if only for that one scene!

So, it has been established that the Lancashire police are killjoys and party poopers. Or has it?

Follow that by reading this article and it seems that they are not such killjoys and party poopers after all. At least not if you enjoy copulating in a public park or a public lavatory.

Perhaps Deputy Chief Constable Michael Cunningham is after Sir Ian Blair's job when he rides off into the sunset.


Mark Wadsworth said...

To summarise, people who enjoy shagging in bushes should pull the 'diversity card' and claim that it is a religious ritual!

(TBH, It's the sort of thing that everybody should do at least once in their lifetime!)

Gregg Beaman said...

No. It's the people who shag in bushes and public bogs that Cunningham recommends be left to get on with it. The oppressed are the witches, and spectators, who aren't being allowed on Pendle Hill for Halloween.

The other take is that if Cunningham includes dogging in his recommendations, then the witches shagging and being watched by spectators equals dogging. Therefore they too should be left alone by plod.