Thursday, October 23, 2008

Nitwit Pulled From Question Time

Serious government nitwit Phil Woolas has been pulled from Question Time by the government. It seems that with the country in recession a Home Office minister is being replaced by a finance minister.

That and the fact that the man is a complete clown who, in true Prescott style, drops a clanger every time he opens his huge gob. Only this week he was predicting the disestablishment of the Church of England as we now live in a 'multi-faith society'. Crap! But it is so urgent that he predicts it would take 50 years. More crap!

At the last census over 70% of the population declared themselves at least nominally Christian. We live in a Christian country that is extremely tolerant of other religions, and so it should remain. Not being an Anglican I have no problem with the C of E being in such a position and have no problem with current restrictions on us Catholics becoming king or anything else.

Perhaps Woolas should bugger off and join Prince Charles on his farm. Let's face it when the time comes for Chas to become 'Defender of the Faiths' rather than 'Defender of the Faith' it's time to sack the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas as well as Woolas. Long live the Republic!


JRF said...

Gregg. Why not start a Republican Party. Lets face it, the Saxe- Coburg- Gothas care not a jot about this country and have thrown us to the wolves

Gregg said...

You never know! Although there is a 'Republican Party' registered with the EC I can't find any info on t'internet.