Friday, October 17, 2008

Anonymous Comments

There are many bloggers who, for a whole range of reasons, preserve their anonymity by using pseudonyms and that's fine by me. Many of the best bloggers are known by the identity of their blogs rather than their real names. Some of us choose to blog using our real names, it's personal choice and 99% of the time works extremely well.

Then there are people who don't actually blog but post comments on blogs. Again comment posters usually use their blog name be it their real name or otherwise. Then there are annonymous comment posters. This method of posting, where the poster appears on the blog as "anonymous" always seemed very rare, certainly on my blog, but it didn't particularly trouble me as they usually contributed something to the subject of the post.

However, since the beginning of September when I posted "A Eurosceptic Alternative" I have been receiving anonymous comments of a very, very mildly threatening nature. I say mildly because they are more the stuff of the playground than the kind of thing that gets you asking for police protection. That, in itself, says it all about the psychology of the comment poster, she really should get out of the playground more.

Having faced down irate militants in the 70s and 80s for strike breaking, copping for some pretty unpleasant treatment and very nasty threats for my trouble, I find this schoolgirl style goading tedious and pathetic rather than sleep depriving and cold sweat inducing. Even so, I have decided to no longer accept posts from "anonymous" because it is juvenile, boring and not to be encouraged.

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