Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brand and Ross

The two nitwits, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand, have eventually been suspended by the BBC. It's a shame in one respect because I've always quite liked Jonathan Ross, especially his radio stuff. Russell Brand however is a different thing altogether. He is just a talentless muppet who deserves suspending, preferably from a lamppost.

What it does show is the utter contempt the BBC have for the taxpayers who fund it. The show wasn't even live, the 'prank' phone calls actually being given the all clear for broadcast by a BBC production team. Without continuing public and media anger the BBC probably would never have taken the belated action they did today.

The whole thing just convinces me all the more that the BBC should be privatised.Commercial considerations, alien to BBC staff, would have been an excellent moderating influence in this case.

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