Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mrs Thatcher

Here is a report of Mrs Thatcher attending a Bruges Group dinner given in her honour.

Great to see Nikki Sinclaire getting a good mention. Nikki is number 2 on UKIP's list in the West Midlands for next year's Euro elections.


T Bishop Finger said...

I'm a bit hesitant of a 'full' Thatcherite revival, as although Thatcherism triumps neoliberalism and is eurosceptic, it laid the groundwork for the Centralisation and Nanny Statism continued today by NuLabour.

Gregg Beaman said...

I agree. At the time she was what we needed but, like any of the strong characters in history, when she went her ideology was corrupted. Whether that was inevitable eventually, or down to John Major I'm not sure. Times have changed and politics must. Sadly NuLab seem determined to return us t the pre-Thatcherite 70s.